Mystery in Mexico

Film, Thrillers

Time Out says

You've seen every twist in this routine caper a thousand times before. Lundigan is the insurance agency detective sent to Mexico on the trail of a fellow-employee (Reed) who has disappeared along with a valuable necklace. White is the pretty blonde singer who may be an accomplice, but obviously isn't since Lundigan falls for her. She is actually Reed's sister, so he's obviously innocent too; and it only remains for Cortez' villain (who owns a nightclub, naturally) to get his comeuppance after demonstrating his nastiness. Wise directs neatly enough, but the half-hearted romantic byplay and wisecracking dialogue cry out for Mitchum and Russell. Only Dalya, as Cortez' disillusioned, man-hungry mistress, manages to give her lines any bite.

By: TM


Release details

66 mins

Cast and crew

Robert Wise
Lawrence Kimble
William Lundigan
Jacqueline White
Ricardo Cortez
Tony Barrett
Jacqueline Dalya
Walter Reed
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