Mystic Pizza


Time Out says

Jojo, Daisy and Kat are pizza-pushers who live in Mystic, on the Connecticut coast. Jojo (Taylor) is carrying on a stormy romance with a redneck fisherman. Daisy (Roberts), a bit of a social climber, is having an affair with the owner of a throbbing red Porsche. And good old Kat (Gish), soon to start studying astronomy at Yale, is about to have a bad case of babysitter blues. Each of these women, through being used and abused by men, achieves some kind of self-realisation. If the plot (by Amy Jones) sounds pedestrian and pat, it is. However, thanks to sensitive direction by Petrie, the result is a thoroughly involving movie that doesn't resort to violence, sex or schmaltz to pack an emotional punch. Petrie imbues the Portuguese-dominated fishing village with a real sense of place, and the three female leads (Gish in particular) are excellent.


Release details

104 mins

Cast and crew

Donald Petrie
Amy Holden-Jones, Randy Howze, Perry Howze, Alfred Uhry
Porscha Radcliffe
Vincent Philip D'Onofrio
Lili Taylor
Conchata Ferrell
Arthur Walsh
Joanna Merlin
William R Moses
Adam Storke
Matt Damon
Julia Roberts
Annabeth Gish
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