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Nanou (Stubbs) is an awfully nice English rose, bent on adventure and experience during a summer in France. She takes up with political activist slob Luc (Ecoffey, clearly a would-be Depardieu), much to the dismay of old flame Max (Day Lewis, all brooding eyebrows and twitchy lips). Not only does Luc involve Nanou in dangerous acts of terrorism, he also treats her like a dog. Quite why the masochistic miss is so taken with him is unclear; first love never seemed so boring or unattractive. Conny Templeman's first feature is one of the most horrendously middle class movies in years. Seen through Nanou's irritatingly naive eyes, the French unemployed are a sorry bunch: unshaven, grubby male chauvinsts who all eat like pigs. Only the evocation of place - the grim, grey villages and plains of Northern France - holds any interest, thanks no doubt to the work of production designer Andrew Mollo.

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Release details

110 mins

Cast and crew

Conny Templeman
Conny Templeman
Imogen Stubbs
Jean-Philippe Ecoffey
Christophe Lidon
Valentine Pelka
Roger Ibanez
Anna Cropper
Patrick O'Connell
Lou Castel
Daniel Day-Lewis
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