Nearly Wide Awake


Time Out says

A wild and woolly tapestry woven from incidents in the novels of Knut Hamsun (including Hunger), this was shot on a frayed shoestring by two post-graduate film students at Bristol University - and looks very much like a student movie. Deliberately flouting any formal discipline and passing up no opportunity for visual or aural display inseeking to conjure up an outcast's hallucinating vision, it is often maddeningly uncoordinated, but intermittently packs a visceral punch. Budgetary limitations mean that the period setting sometimes goes awry, and the copper who appears at one point seems to have strayed in from Dock Green.


Release details

65 mins

Cast and crew

David Hutt, Martin Turner
Alex Cox
Suzy Gilbert
Liz Salmon
Niven Boyd
Glenys Gill
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