Necessary Roughness

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

This tale of a 34-year-old quarterback's return to college football is marginally less funny than wearing a jock-strap on your head, and less original than putting Ralgex down your opponent's shorts. In Texas, former university league big-timers The Fighting Armadillos are decimated by charges of corruption, and forced to replenish their numbers with anaemic no-hoper academics. Only geriatric drop-out Paul (Bakula) can save the day, but to do so he must return to college and get his degree. Cue endless football montages, interspersed with a load of drivel about finding fulfilment, making real friends, and rediscovering the joys of pure sporting endeavour. Even the presence of reliably grimy stalwarts Elizondo and Loggia, and the inclusion of a naff sexual-equality subplot, can't alleviate the boredom.

By: MK


Release details

108 mins

Cast and crew

Stan Dragoti
Rick Natkin, David Fuller
Scott Bakula
Hector Elizondo
Robert Loggia
Harley Jane Kozak
Larry Miller
Fred Dalton Thompson
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