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Brocani conjures together all your favourite European cultural and historical myth figures in order to attack the centuries of 'sublimation' that have produced our cities and their inhabitants. The gang's all here: Frankenstein's monster gropes towards the awareness that his mind is a universe; Attila, naked on a white horse, liberates his people from their ignominy; the ultra-caustic Viva bemoans the frustrations of married life and drifts into the elegiac persona of the Bloody Countess Bathory; Louis Waldon is a hip American tourist searching for the (missing) Mona Lisa. The range is extraordinary, from stand-up Jewish comedy to a kind of flea-market expressionism. Brocani's approach is contemplative rather than agitational, which confounds the impatient; Gavin Bryars' lovely Terry Riley-esque score matches the ambience exactly.

By: TR


Release details

120 mins

Cast and crew

Franco Brocani
Franco Brocani
Viva Auder
Tina Aumont
Carmelo Bene
Pierre Clémenti
Paul Jabara
Paolo Graziosa
Nicoletta Machiavelli
Louis Waldon
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