Nest of Vipers


Time Out says

A heated sex melodrama set in Fascist Italy just before World War II, this isn't bad at all. About a provincial innocent who comes to Venice to study music, befriends a fellow student (gay), has an affair with the friend's mother (attractive), then casts her aside in favour of a millionaire's daughter (attractive and rich), it boasts handsome production values recalling the sunbathed settings of Bertolucci and of The Garden of the Finzi-Continis. The Fascist context may be incidental, but Cervi makes some headway against the sexploitation elements in his tale of a passionate and jealousy-driven bourgeoisie, keeping things the right side of interesting up to his Chabrol-style climax of brutal murder and complicity in its cover-up.


Release details

105 mins

Cast and crew

Tonino Cervi
Tonino Cervi, Goffredo Parise, Cesare Frugoni
Paolo Bonacelli
Maria Monti
Eros Pagni
Giuliana Calandra
Ornella Muti
Senta Berger
Stefano Patrizi
Christian Borromeo
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