New York Nights


Time Out says

Schnitzler's cunning form from La Ronde blagged to display a group of daisy-chaining demi-mondaines indulging in ten kinds of rumpy-pumpy all over town. All vile stuff, of course, but as usual there is a certain recherché pleasure to be had from incidentals: 1. Sample dialogue: 'I am 18' - 'Yeah? And I'm Roman Polanski'. 2. A husband who decks his wife up in a moustache and makes talent from the local gay club have her on the sofa while he plays martial music on a baby grand. 3. Plato's Retreat: a place where Socratic dialogues take place in a sauna. 4. The NY skyline with a dirigible above it. Warning: the Surgeon General has determined that watching this film will give you herpes. CPea.


Release details

111 mins

Cast and crew

Simon Nuchtern
Romano Vanderbes
Corrine Alphen
George Ayer
Bobbi Burns
Peter Matthey
Missy O'Shea
Jim Hunter
Willem Dafoe
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