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Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Less a sequel to Ice Cube's 1995 cult movie Friday, more a joke for joke rehash. The scatological humour has not abated and the smoking of weed underlies most major plot points, with Craig (Ice Cube) and his sidekick Day-Day (Epps) coming on like a latter-day Cheech and Chong. The story, such as it is, begins four years after the fateful Friday when Craig bested local bully Debo. He's still living with his parents in the 'hood when news filters through that Debo has busted out of jail and is looking for revenge. He temporarily relocates in the suburbs with his lottery-winning uncle and nerdish cousin Day-Day. But even in here, there's plenty of trouble waiting to ruin his Friday. Despite the crass humour, Ice Cube's inert performance and the pre-adolescent attitude to women, this is a sporadically funny picture with a strong soundtrack. Like most stoner movie, it will probably find its niche as a video release.

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Release details

98 mins

Cast and crew

Steve Carr
Ice Cube
Ice Cube
Mike Epps
Justin Pierce
John Witherspoon
Don 'DC' Curry
Jacob Vargas
Tamala Jones
Clifton Powell
Kirk Jones
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