Next Stop, Greenwich Village

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

A middlebrow American Graffiti, minus the music and set in Greenwich Village, 1953. Aspiring young actor moves into the Village, thereby allowing writer/director Mazursky to render into clichés all the obvious ingredients of the period: coffee bars, suicide bids, Actors' Studio classes, cheap parties, the Rosenbergs, uncertain contraception, illegal abortions. Add Shelley Winters as a Jewish momma to give the movie heart, and Antonio Fargas as a misunderstood black gay to give it pathos, and you have a fair idea of the film's efforts to win its audience. Sadly, the pretensions of most of the characters are matched by Mazursky: pointed homages to 'Gadge' Kazan and Marlon, unnecessary dream sequences, and continuous endorsement for his rather tedious characters; one is only surprised that there wasn't a kid called Jimmy Dean at the party.


Release details

111 mins

Cast and crew

Paul Mazursky
Paul Mazursky
Lenny Baker
Shelley Winters
Ellen Greene
Lois Smith
Christopher Walken
Dori Brenner
Antonio Fargas
Lou Jacobi
Jeff Goldblum
Bill Murray
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