Next Stop Wonderland


Time Out says

An indie slice-of romance: Hope Davis is recently single Erin, a doctor trying to enjoy her newfound solitude while being pressured by everyone and especially her mom to commit to the dating scene; and Gelfant the similarly lonesome Alan, a student marine biologist caught up in a local mobster's misdemeanours. It's Boston, and their paths occasionally cross, fleetingly, throughout the film. In other words, this is protracted meeting-cute. But cynicism aside the subject matter is presumably as valid as the two characters' subsequent bust-up. It's elegantly observed and sometimes insightful, but finally rather too whimsical and inconsequential.

By: NB


Release details

96 mins

Cast and crew

Brad Anderson
Brad Anderson, Lyn Vaus
Hope Davis
Alan Gelfant
Victor Argo
Jon Benjamin
Cara Buono
Larry Gilliard Jr
Phil Hoffman
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