Night After Night

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

It seems strange to find the stately Mae West playing a jolly character called Maudie Triplett, and even stranger to find her fourth in the cast list, but after all this was her first film. Her scenes are few, yet she throws so much into them that the leading players in this comedy drama (cool Constance Cummings and icy George Raft, the Archie Andrews of gangsters) momentarily fade into oblivion. They soon come back, though, along with the muddled story (from a novel by Louis Bromfield) about a speakeasy proprietor's love for a Park Avenue dame.

By: GB


Release details

70 mins

Cast and crew

Archie Mayo
Vincent Lawrence, Kathryn Scola
George Raft
Constance Cummings
Wynne Gibson
Mae West
Roscoe Karns
Alison Skipworth
Louis Calhern
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