Night Caller


Time Out says

Belmondo plays super-cop on the tops of Paris buildings and undergound trains, piling stunt on daredevil stunt and risking his neck for a particularly silly story. Like The Eiger Sanction, there's some mileage in seeing a star so blatantly performing his own stunts, crashing through plate-glass windows of high rise buildings while suspended from a helicopter, etc. But desperately little of the film's energy goes into a plot that combines a settling of an old score with a hunt for a one-eyed killer who strangles loose women.

By: CPe


Release details

125 mins

Cast and crew

Henri Verneuil
Henri Verneuil, Jean Laborde, Francis Verber
Jean-Paul Belmondo
Charles Denner
Catherine Morin
Adalberto-Maria Merli
Lea Massari
Rosy Varte
Jean Martin
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