Night of the Ghouls

Film, Horror

Time Out says

If you thought cult 'artiste' Edward D Wood Jr's ironically celebrated astro-turkey Plan 9 from Outer Space was transcendently awful, you'd better brace yourself for this, deemed too shambolic to unleash on unsuspecting cinema audiences. Scenery-chewing psychic Criswell and majestically talentless ex-wrestler Johnson return in this no-budget farrago about a fake medium unwittingly resurrecting the dead. Expect yet more of the 'neo-Brechtian panache' (i.e. complete technical incompetence) that secured Wood his rep as the very worst of the worst.

By: TJ


Release details

69 mins

Cast and crew

Edward D Wood Jr
Edward D Wood Jr
Tor Johnson
Keene Duncan
Valda Hansen
Maila 'Vampira' Nurmi
Duke Moore
John Carpenter
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