Night of the Lepus

Film, Horror

Time Out says

The countryside is being terrorised by packs of giant man-eating - well, rabbits actually. Who thought this one up? Step forward Russell Braddon, Aussie author of Year of the Angry Rabbit, which producer AC Lyles recklessly decided to turn into a movie. The Lyles policy (see his numerous B-Westerns) of packing the cast with fading middle-aged stars has a certain gloomy fascination, as does the whole idea of rampaging bunnies emitting leopard-like growls as they bound along in slow-motion, intent on devouring the likes of DeForest Kelley. Impossible not to admire the total withholding of irony in Claxton's approach to this kamikaze project.


Release details

88 mins

Cast and crew

William F Claxton
Don Holliday, Gene R Kearney
Stuart Whitman
Janet Leigh
Rory Calhoun
DeForest Kelley
Paul Fix
Melanie Fullerton
Henry Wills
Robert Hardy
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