Night Zoo

Film, Thrillers

Time Out says

This unconvincing French-Canadian thriller is a dawdler, with outbreaks of nastiness followed by listlessly arty longeurs. Marcel (Maheu) gets out of prison and goes to retrieve his loot, but a couple of bent cops are determined on their cut. Meanwhile, Marcel's girl Julie (Adams) has gone on the game, and his dad Albert (Le Bel) has a weak ticker which makes family reconciliation yet another priority, and our hero spends a lot of time blasting about on his motorbike. Dad's birthday party apart, it is determinedly sleazy. We are treated to Marcel getting forcibly sodomised in prison at the start, blown in an insanitary lav by one of the cops, Marcel's labouring rump as he attempts to reunite with Julie, and an improbable scene in a porno peep show in which the bad guys threaten Julie with a syringe. There are lots of empty threats featuring gunshots across the bows, and Marcel's loft is so spacious you wonder why he needs the money anyway.

By: BC


Release details

115 mins

Cast and crew

Jean-Claude Lauzon
Jean-Claude Lauzon
Denys Arcand
Jerry Snell
Corrado Mastropasqua
Gilles Maheu
Germain Houde
Lynne Adams
Lorne Brass
Roger Le Bel
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