Nina Takes a Lover


Time Out says

Bored and neglected, Nina (San Giacomo) falls under the spell of a Welsh photographer (Rhys) she meets in a San Francisco park. Their affair is revealed in flashbacks, a series of confessions and confidences, as a journalist investigating 'marriage in the '90s' gently probes the whys and wherefores. The device is a little obvious, but director Jacobs gives the film an ingenious structure, and it's charmingly played by two attractive leads. 'This story is different than what you've heard before,' Nina promises at the start, and within the familiar confines of the sex-and-lies genre, she's absolutely right.

By: TCh


Release details

100 mins

Cast and crew

Alan Jacobs
Alan Jacobs
Laura San Giacomo
Paul Rhys
Michael O'Keefe
Cristi Canway
Fisher Stevens
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