No Answer from F.P.1

Film, Science fiction

Time Out says

F.P.1 is an artificial island in mid-Atlantic, and it's not answering because there's a saboteur on board: the designer has been shot, the crew have been gassed, and the structure is sinking... This German sci-fi melodrama aspires to something of the grandeur of Metropolis, but its roots really lie in penny dreadful comics and early movie serials. As such, it's rather pedestrian in its exposition (it takes forever to get the plot moving), but fair value once the panics and alarms start multiplying. The stock performances are rather good, especially from Albers as the aviator-hero soaked in booze and self-pity, and Lorre as a bizarrely masochistic photographer. And Curt Siodmak's storyline manages to cross the epic adventure elements with a romantic triangle without either getting in the way of the other. Specialists may care to note the early associations of flying with sexual virility.

By: TR


Release details

114 mins

Cast and crew

Karl Hartl
Walter Reisch, Curt Siodmak
Hans Albers
Sybille Schmitz
Paul Hartmann
Peter Lorre
Herrmann Speelmans
Georg August Koch
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