No Deposit, No Return

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Lukewarm Disney comedy about two kids - plus pet skunk, natch - mistakenly kidnapped by a pair of bungling crooks. Millionaire grandpa Niven, normally pestered out of his life at hols time, is highly delighted and does his best to see they stay kidnapped. The kids/crooks scenes are fair enough, with Darren McGavin milking his part for every resigned look it's worth. There are also some good Harold Lloyd antics in pursuit of the skunk, and a funny car chase. But the rest is sacrificed to the bland presence of Niven, looking throughout as if he's doing everyone a favour. He isn't.

By: AN


Release details

112 mins

Cast and crew

Norman Tokar
Arthur Alsberg, Don Nelson
David Niven
Darren McGavin
Don Knotts
Herschel Bernardi
Barbara Feldon
Kim Richards
Brad Savage
John Williams
Charlie Martin Smith
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