No Escape

Film, Fantasy

Time Out says

This futuristic prison movie takes place on an island where civilisation has broken down, to be replaced by a violent struggle between two primitive factions. The anarchic Outsiders, led by the charismatic Marek (Wilson), have 'gone native', wearing fearsome masks and launching repeated attacks on the peace-loving Insiders' fenced-off commune. Presided over by their spiritual leader, the Father (Henriksen), these born-again New Age hippies grow crops, wear hand-knits and try to recover their self-esteem. Meanwhile, the prison island's sadistic warder rubs his hands at the prospect of the factions wiping each out. Ex-Marine Captain Liotta is the wild card who may shift the balance of power. Impressive production values, but, regrettably, the robust action scenes and human drama are too often dwarfed by the stunning landscapes and imaginative sets, or clouded by the script's baggy philosophising.

By: NF


Release details

115 mins

Cast and crew

Martin Campbell
Michael Gaylin, Joel Gross
Ray Liotta
Lance Henriksen
Stuart Wilson
Kevin Dillon
Kevin J O'Connor
Don Henderson
Jack Shepherd
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