No Pets


Time Out says

Shot on a shoestring budget in Pittsburgh, this is a perceptive, unpatronising and compassionate study of a blue-collar worker struggling through in the face of inevitable disappointments. Episodic in structure, it follows Eddie (Amplas), a factory machinist, a single man, and owner of a mongrel that his landlady wants shot of. What happens to a guy like this, stuck in a dead-end job when his high-school pals went off to college, left to contemplate the might-have-beens over a beer with the guys from work? There are no false promises or fake uplift here, just an honest stare into the face of some uncomfortable home truths.


Release details

79 mins

Cast and crew

Tony Buba
Jim Daniels
John Amplas
Lori Cardihle
Ben Tatar
Rick Applegate
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