Nobody Someday

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Time Out says

Who wants to delve into the psyche of pop star Robbie Williams? No one more than the 27-year-old who commissioned this on the road rockumentary, namely Robbie Williams. He's got the means - and some potentially interesting material: his hugely successful graduation from boy band Take That, the much publicised battles with addiction, the self-deprecating cheekiness. Unfortunately, while pre-concert prayers to Elvis are a nice touch, the central tour itself is drearily uninspired. Shot for TV, the grainy, choppily edited, b/w live scrapbook doesn't particularly impress on the big screen. Various revelations include Robbie playing 'Uno' backstage, Robbie buying a sofa, amusingly sententious bodyguards, and Robbie vacillating over how ace being famous is. Which means, unless you're a devotee satiated by the mere sight of your crush, that the 'wow' factor is barely tangible; the monotone voice-over from director Hill doesn't help.

By: AHa


Release details

99 mins

Cast and crew

Brian Hill
Brian Hill
Robbie Williams
Guy Chambers
Gary Nuttall
Fil Eisler
Yolanda Charles
Chris Sharrock
Claire Worall
Tessa Niles
Katie Kissoon
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