Norma Rae

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Ritt's usual simplistic liberalism certainly dampens the labour relations angle to this tale of a Southern millworker finding herself as a union activist protesting against working conditions. Sentimental and facile, the film allows her far too easy a path to success in terms of her almost universal acceptance by fellow-workers, give or take a few token blacklegs. But far more successful is the way the film stresses her development as an independent woman; finding it painful as she undermines her husband's expectations of her simply as a washing, cooking, ironing, maternal sex-machine, she nevertheless ploughs firmly ahead, while never being portrayed as in any way an incomplete, irresponsible mother and wife. Nicely performed by a strong cast, especially Field and Leibman, it's often mawkishly soft, but surprisingly touching.

By: GA


Release details

114 mins

Cast and crew

Martin Ritt
Harriet Frank Jr, Irving Ravetch
Robert Broyles
Barbara Baxley
Gail Strickland
Pat Hingle
Beau Bridges
Sally Field
John Calvin
Morgan Paull
Ron Leibman
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