Norman…Is That You?


Time Out says

Betrayed by his wife, the boorish manager of an Arizona dry-cleaning establishment is dealt a second blow when he discovers his son Norman living in a hideous Los Angeles apartment with a camp boyfriend. After ninety minutes of shouting, pouting, door-slamming and homespun philosophising - adapted with a black cast from a Broadway flop - one can only marvel at the continuing, condescending, sitcom attitude to homosexuality. Foxx and Bailey bluster helplessly as the parents; the statuesque Dobson, as a hooker brought in to straighten Norman out, looks on in saucer-eyed incomprehension; only Wayland Flowers, a manic puppeteer, manages to transcend the material with an energetic display of self-parody.

By: JPy


Release details

92 mins

Cast and crew

George Schlatter
Ron Clark, Sam Bobrick, George Schlatter
Redd Foxx
Pearl Bailey
Dennis Dugan
Michael Warren
Tamara Dobson
Vernée Watson
Jayne Meadows
Wayland Flowers
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