Nothing to Lose

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Nick (Robbins) and Ann (Preston) play husband-and-wife games in bed. He thinks she's a fat pig; she wants a divorce. Who can spin it out longest? Anyway, next day Nick gets off a late working assignment, only to catch Ann in bed with his boss (McKean). Stunned, he drives away, anywhere - to a hold-up at a red light in slumtown. It's T Paul (Lawrence) wanting Nick's wallet, waving a gun in his face. With a manic laugh and his foot on the gas, Nick defenestrates the money and drives the hapless sometime criminal to the Arizona desert for a round of mismatched comic capers. No surprises here. There are nods to the race issue, but this isn't exactly Tom Wolfe, and though some jokes work, more don't.


Release details

98 mins

Cast and crew

Steve Oedekerk
Steve Oedekerk
Tim Robbins
Martin Lawrence
John C McGinley
Giancarlo Esposito
Michael McKean
Susan Barnes
Rebecca Gayheart
Kelly Preston
Steve Oedekerk