Nouvelle Vague


Time Out says

Godard's opening salvo of the '90s sustains an elegiac note to unexpectedly potent effect. While the connecting narrative's a characteristically wilful and oblique affair, in which fabulously wealthy Giordano adopts drifter Delon as a house guest, their tentative emotional rapprochement set against the scheming of sundry business types, it's the larger view of a society obsessed by consumption and commodities at the expense of culture, moral integrity and human feelings that leaves the stronger impression. From Delon's ravaged features, reams of erudite and cinephile quotation in the dialogue, and Lubtchansky's gliding camera registering the changing light on the Swiss landscape, Godard conjures a fragmentary celluloid music expressing a deep sense of loss. As an intriguing pendant, enterprising German music label ECM have released the film's entire soundtrack on a two-CD set (snippets of Schoenberg and Hindemith alongside the mainstays of their contemporary jazz catalogue), without the visuals, but with notes by a blind writer.


Release details

89 mins

Cast and crew

Jean-Luc Godard
Jean-Luc Godard
Alain Delon
Domiziana Giordano
Roland Amstutz
Laurence Cote
Jacques Dacqmine
Christophe Odent
Laurence Guerre
Joseph Lisbona
Laure Killing
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