Time Out says

A pseudo-documentary on the rise and fall of a radical Madrid street-theatre troupe, November (winner of a 2003 San Sebastian Youth Award) is an original, strikingly confident and utterly unclassifiable delight. Imagine a Spanish, politically charged Being John Malkovich and you're edging in the right direction. It stamps writer/director Achero Mañas, whose debut El Bola was named Best Film at Spain's Oscar-equivalent in 2000, as one of the few Iberian directors capable of emerging from Almodóvar's shadow. With an ingenious drum-tight script, deceptively freewheeling tone and ferociously committed performances, especially from Jaenada as November's mercurial, messianic leader, it's hard to fathom whether Mañas is celebrating the gang's counter-cultural idealism, taking the mick, or doing both at the same time. The results are hilarious, thought provoking and, at the abrupt climax, surprisingly moving.

By: NY


Release details

104 mins

Cast and crew

Achero Mañas
Achero Mañas, Federico Mañas
Óscar Jaenada
Ingrid Rubio
Paloma Lorena
Juan Díaz
Juan Francisco Margallo
Javier Ríos
Angel Facio
Adriana Domínguez
Amparo Valle
Jordi Padrosa
Fernando Conde
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