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Araki's previous film, The Doom Generation (1994), never got a release in Britain. A lurid orgy of sex and violence, it was genuinely provocative, shocking and erotic, and it would have been sport watching the censor trying to grapple with it. Nowhere does have a UK distributor, but it's a piece of shit. Teen nihilism of the cheapest kind, it's as pretentious as Jean-Luc Godard, as tacky as one of those Z grade turkeys by Ted V Miklas, and at least twice as boring as that sounds. The hero (Duval) is a confused bisexual called 'Dark'. Araki persuaded a bunch of hot young actors to appear around him - True, Caan, Applegate, Mastroianni, Doherty, McGowan, an Alien Bodysuit - but he forgot to give them anything to do or say.


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