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Araki's previous film, The Doom Generation (1994), never got a release in Britain. A lurid orgy of sex and violence, it was genuinely provocative, shocking and erotic, and it would have been sport watching the censor trying to grapple with it. Nowhere does have a UK distributor, but it's a piece of shit. Teen nihilism of the cheapest kind, it's as pretentious as Jean-Luc Godard, as tacky as one of those Z grade turkeys by Ted V Miklas, and at least twice as boring as that sounds. The hero (Duval) is a confused bisexual called 'Dark'. Araki persuaded a bunch of hot young actors to appear around him - True, Caan, Applegate, Mastroianni, Doherty, McGowan, an Alien Bodysuit - but he forgot to give them anything to do or say.

By: TCh


Release details

82 mins

Cast and crew

Gregg Araki
Gregg Araki
James Duval
Rachel True
Nathan Bexton
Chiara Mastroianni
Debi Mazar
Kathleen Robertson
Scott Caan
Christina Applegate
Shannen Doherty
Rose McGowan
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