Of Mice and Men


Time Out says

Sinise's second crack at directing, with a Horton Foote adaptation of the John Steinbeck Depression era novel - about innocently lethal retard Lenny (Malkovich) and his increasingly despairing protector George (Sinise) - which seems doomed to remain a period piece. Big Lenny likes stroking soft things, and nags George to describe life on their fantasy farm while they labour as ranch-hands under the tyrannical Curly (Siemaszko). Lenny crunches Curly's fist to pulp in his paw, and over-responds to the come-ons from Curly's wife (Fenn). It's hard not to snigger at her arching about and complaining of the heat, and harder still to believe Malkovich's shamble and gape, a simian variant on Dustin Hoffman's Rain Man. Both are strictly Dogpatch caricatures, while Sinise seems plain vain.

By: BC


Release details

111 mins

Cast and crew

Gary Sinise
Horton Foote
John Malkovich
Gary Sinise
Ray Walston
Casey Siemaszko
Sherilyn Fenn
John Terry
Alexis Arquette
Joe Morton
Noble Willingham
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