Off and Running

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Although not up to the standard of Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan, Cyndi Lauper (in her second feature) isn't bad at playing a version of herself: a tough cookie with a soft centre. Would-be actress Cyd (Lauper) has got as far as playing a mermaid in a Miami Beach hotel bar. After witnessing her boyfriend's murder, she hightails it out of town and hooks up with an unlikely lover (Keith) and a streetwise kid (Pinto). With the killer on their trail, the mismatched family jumps the Manhattan train for a predictably madcap adventure. For Lauper fans only.

By: CO'S


Release details

90 mins

Cast and crew

Edward Bianchi
Mitch Glazer
Cyndi Lauper
David Keith
Johnny Pinto
David Thornton
Richard Belzer
José Perez
Anita Morris
Hazen Gifford
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