Off Limits

Film, Thrillers

Time Out says

Not another Vietnam War film but a pacy, violent thriller set in the sleazy red light district of Saigon in 1968. Two US Army cops (Dafoe and Hines) think a serial prostitute killer may be one of their own top brass. A previous investigator and key witnesses have been frightened into silence or simply killed off. Backed up by their staff sergeant (Ward), they whittle the suspects down to five, but pressure from above squashes the investigation, forcing them to go it alone. Later, with the help of a streetwise nun (Pays), they locate a vital eye-witness who has disappeared into the VC tunnel complex on the outskirts of the city. Like these labyrinthine tunnels, the plot twists and turns, but Crowe never loses his sense of direction, sustaining the suspense and staging the action scenes with admirable vigour; the result, although the Saigon setting is simply a seedily exotic backdrop, is an auspicious first feature.

By: NF


Release details

102 mins

Cast and crew

Christopher Crowe
Christopher Crowe, Jack Thibeau
Willem Dafoe
Gregory Hines
Fred Ward
Amanda Pays
Kay Tong Lim
Scott Glenn
David Alan Grier
Keith David
Raymond O'Connor
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