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Old Goats

  • Film
  • 3 out of 5 stars

Time Out says

3 out of 5 stars

Awkward online dating, paltry dinners of buttered toast, a directionless approach to life: This tends to be the territory of twentysomethings. But leave it to the fascism-conquering Greatest Generation to beat the young’uns at their own slack. Plus, they can do bromantic indie comedies, too. First-time writer-director Taylor Guterson ably marshals real-life retirees—energetic lady-killer Bob, unhappily married Dave and isolated sad sack Britt—as they hit the coffee klatches and golf courses of the Pacific Northwest with all the navel-gazing, malaise and frustration of men a quarter their age.

Playing fictionalized versions of themselves, the trio and their supporting ladies do an admirable job of acting through midparty pratfalls, bedroom scenes and emotional epiphanies, even if their delivery can be a bit stilted. A palpable sense that these so-called golden years could end at any moment is the film’s ultimate punch line.

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Written by Andrew Frisicano

Cast and crew

  • Director:Taylor Guterson
  • Screenwriter:Taylor Guterson
  • Cast:
    • Bob Burkholder
    • Britton Crosley
    • David VanderWal
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