Old School

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Thirty-something Mitch (Wilson) comes home after a hard day's executive graft to find his girl watching a skinflick and a couple of blindfolded swingers lining up to test the mattress. Sheesh! His buddies aren't exactly having a ball, either. Freshly married Frank (Ferrell) is itching to misbehave, and electronics store owner Beanie (Vaughn) thinks responsibility is what happens to the unlucky guys - and he should know. Wouldn't it be cool, decide the trio, if they formed a fraternity. You know, with parties, ritual initiation goonery and none of the seminars. But there's a catch: the villainous dean of their new school is out to spoil their fun. Director Phillips (Road Trip) confesses to frat membership in his youth, and even made a documentary on the subject. So why is this not funnier or more outrageous? Sure, there's humiliating mischief, and the girlfriends' blowjob class is some kind of gory highlight. But no one's heart seems to be in the enterprise.

By: SCr


Release details

91 mins

Cast and crew

Todd Phillips
Todd Phillips, Scot Armstrong
Luke Wilson
Will Ferrell
Vince Vaughn
Ellen Pompeo
Juliette Lewis
Leah Remini
Perrey Reeves
Craig Kilborn
Jeremy Piven
Elisha Cuthbert
Patrick Cranshaw
Seann William Scott
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