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Time Out says

Francovich's three-hour documentary on the CIA may seem a daunting prospect, but don't be put off: it's an exemplary piece of documentary construction which makes full use of archive material and rarely loses its sense of pace or humour. The film's real strength lies in its interviews with CIA personnel and ex-personnel - from bureau chiefs to mercenaries - who behave increasingly like the cast of a Hollywood film about the CIA. It's frightening on several counts: the openness of those involved in naked political aggression and interference, and the overwhelming feeling that everyone interviewed is telling only part of the truth. An indictment of American foreign policy, of several administrations, and of an entire social structure, the film also raises the interesting speculation that a similar examination would never be possible in this country.

By: SM


Release details

180 mins

Cast and crew

Allan Francovich
Phillip Agee
James Wilcott
William Colby
Victor Marchetti
John Stockwell
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