On Deadly Ground

Film, Thrillers

Time Out says

Seagal has made a name for himself knocking the stuffing out of low life scumbags - here, in his directorial debut, his victims are rich, ecologically unsound scumbags. Caine's snaked-eyed, snakeskin-booted oil magnate knows he must get his rig on-line, or drilling rights will revert to the 'Eskimos'. Following the death of the rig foreman and an oil spill, trouble-shooter Forest Taft (Seagal) is set up as the fall guy for an alleged sabotage plot. Through contact with the Inuits, Taft learns he is a spirit warrior who must teach the oil men to 'fear the bear'. When the crud hits the fan, however, Taft eschews cosmic dream energy in favour of 'cold, hard reality' - i.e. a familiar arsenal of weapons. In contrast to his short, sharp fighting style, Seagal's presentation of the human conflicts and underlying issues consists of vague, sweeping gestures.


Release details

100 mins

Cast and crew

Steven Seagal
Ed Horowitz, Robin U Ruscin
Steven Seagal
Michael Caine
Joan Chen
John C McGinley
R Lee Ermey
Shari Shattuck
Billy Bob Thornton
Richard Hamilton
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