Once Upon a Time in Triad Society 2


Time Out says

Less a sequel - it has the same director, writer and star as the first movie, but new characters and an unrelated storyline - than an even more inventive follow-up. This time Ng plays a compulsive gambler and congenital coward; unluckily for him, his need to present a macho front wins him a starring role in a battle to save control of Mongkok from a marauding Mainland China gang. His bathetic exploits (mostly with a gay prostitute friend getting in the way) are intercut with the lives of a tough-but-sensitive triad foot-soldier (Roy Cheung) and an out-of-his-depth cop (Cheung Tat-Ming) whose pregnant wife goes shopping in the wrong place at the wrong time. Funny, emotive and really quite exciting, this was one of the best Hong Kong movies of its year.


Release details

92 mins

Cast and crew

Cha Chuen-Yee
Chung Kai-Cheong
Francis Ng
Roy Cheung
Cheung Tat-Ming
Ivy Leung
Ada Choi
Angie Cheung
Spencer Lam