One by One

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Time Out says

A very boring documentary indeed about Grand Prix racing: you don't know what dullness is until you've been talked round the Nurburgring by Jackie Stewart. Everything in it is touched with banality, from the camera being pointed at everything in range, to Stacy Keach's narration, which gives every bromide the ring of Eternal Truth ('The car is a thoroughbred with a soul of its own, brought to life by sorcerers' apprentices called... Mechanics'). But the main complaint is more fundamental: it's impossible to tell what's going on, as we cut from Monaco to the pile-up at Silverstone (good footage of the latter, but the BBC's was better). And a lot of the title's irony is thrown away, as it's never made clear to the less informed that the interviews with Revson and Cevert are being shown after their deaths.

By: AN


Release details

94 mins

Cast and crew

Claude DuBoc
Jackie Stewart
Mike Hailwood
Peter Revson
François Cevert
Stacy Keach
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