One Million Years B.C.

Film, Fantasy

Time Out says

A loose remake of the 1940 special effects extravaganza with Victor Mature, Hammer's version of the life and times of cavemen and women again cheerfully neglects a few million years of evolution and has our antecedents living side by side with the brontosauri. There's a simple story about lovers from different tribes, and Welch grunts beautifully clad only in a few bits of bunny fur, but the real stars are Ray Harryhausen's superbly animated dinosaurs. It was Hammer's biggest box-office hit and inaugurated a cycle, but the more cheaply made sequels were no match for the ferocious reptile fights on display here.

By: DT


Release details

100 mins

Cast and crew

Don Chaffey
Michael Carreras
John Richardson
Raquel Welch
Percy Herbert
Robert Brown
Martine Beswick
Jean Wladon
Lisa Thomas
Malya Nappi
William Lyon Brown
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