One on One


Time Out says

Attractive if soft-centred basketball story, a sort of junior Rocky. High-school star Benson is wooed with a sports car into taking an athletics scholarship, finds himself chased by the randy college secretary, falls hopelessly for his teacher, is persecuted by a tyrannical coach, almost flunks, resolves to make the team, does so, gets the (right) girl, wins the match, then tells the coach where to stick his scholarship. The most interesting scene involves Lamont Johnson himself, as the mysterious alumnus who sponsors Benson, and who stands for the corrupt recruiting dwelt on at greater length in the original script (written by Benson and his father) which caused two universities to forbid filming on their premises.

By: AN


Release details

97 mins

Cast and crew

Lamont Johnson
Robby Benson, Jerry Segal
Robby Benson
Annette O'Toole
GD Spradlin
Gail Strickland
Melanie Griffith
James G Richardson
Hector Morales
Cory Faucher
Lamont Johnson
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