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Time Out says

Diminishing returns hit splatter movies faster than most other genres, and this starts straining for effect and repeating itself within its first hour - with a turgid 45 minutes of blood-letting and grotesquerie to go. Director/writer/star Fujiwara (she played the mutilated girlfriend in Tetsuo) kicks it off in neo-noir mode: undercover cops investigate a yakuza-financed trade in body parts ripped from murder victims for transplant surgery. But the weird brother and sister doing the murdering and organ-extractions turn out to have histories as hideously abused kids, which twists the film in the direction of pop psycho-drama.

By: TR


Release details

105 mins

Cast and crew

Kei Fujiwara
Kei Fujiwara
Kimihiko Hasegawa
Kenji Nasa
Kei Fujiwara
Ryo Okubo
Shozo Tojima
Yosiaki Maekawa
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