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Trey Parker, creator of TV's South Park, knocked out this cheap 'n' cheerful comedy while his animated delinquents were little more than a gleam across his cherubic face. The plot is pure silliness: pretty Mormon boy Joe Young (Parker) comes to the city and winds up starring in a porn flick under the dastardly direction of Maxxx Orbison (Jacobs), meets with national acclaim, but subsequently turns the tables on his scheming Svengali with the help of his screen sidekick Ben, aka 'Choda Boy' (Bachar), and the Orgazmatron, a home-invented ray gun which induces instant orgasm. Parker's humour is essentially sarcastic, but inventive as well as obvious: the South Park sensibility is easily discernible, though far from perfected. What's missing is the animation's juvenile irony: instead of ten-year-olds' artwork and humour produced to an adult standard, this is just boy's fare produced by boys - the production values don't even merit evaluation. Easily scorned, just as easily forgotten, but not without a certain crude charm.

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94 mins

Cast and crew

Trey Parker
Trey Parker
Trey Parker
Dian Bachar
Robyn Lynne
Michael Dean Jacobs
Ron Jeremy
Andrew W Kemler
David Dunn
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