Original Sin


Time Out says

Early 20th century Cuba. Luis (Banderas) eagerly awaits the arrival of his mail-order bride. But when he meets the woman, Julia (Jolie), she's a knockout, not the homely maid of her photo. She didn't want him to like her for her looks, she says - which is okay because Luis, in turn, admits that he's actually a coffee tycoon, not the lowly clerk he'd described in his correspondence. Julia reveals incredible sexual skills and quickly puts Luis under her spell and keeps him there, even after he knows she's actually a con artist. Adapted from Cornell Woolrich's novel Waltz into Darkness, the film wallows in overblown acting and an insufferably long and convoluted narrative. Inconsistencies in Julia's story pop up like jack in the boxes as soon as she steps on to the island; the second half is especially painful to watch. In return, however, we're treated to several long shots of the nude, impossibly attractive leads. Don't feel bad about taking a prurient interest. They owe you. NKee.

By: NKee


Release details

116 mins

Cast and crew

Michael Cristofer
Michael Cristofer
Antonio Banderas
Angelina Jolie
Thomas Jane
Jack Thompson
Gregory Itzin
Allison Mackie
Joan Pringle
Cordelia Richards
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