Our Mother's House


Time Out says

In this matter of fact tale of the macabre, seven children, the eldest aged 13, stick together to carry on as normal after their mother's death. With the old girl safely buried in the garden, all looks to be going smoothly, until ne'er-do-well Bogarde turns up claiming he's their long-lost dad. Intriguing material (adapted from the novel by Julian Gloag), but it's not quite as persuasive as it could have been since all the brats seem to speak with different accents and Bogarde is notably uneasy as the passing Cockernee rogue.

By: TJ


Release details

105 mins

Cast and crew

Jack Clayton
Jeremy Brooks, Haya Harareet
Dirk Bogarde
Margaret Brooks
Pamela Franklin
Louis Sheldon Williams
John Gugolka
Mark Lester
Sarah Nicholls
Gustav Henry
Parnham Wallace
Yootha Joyce
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