Time Out says

Coyote sets off on a spiritual odyssey through a series of explosive and paranoid scenarios which, as well as providing him with a bewildering range of different identities (terrorist, drugs dealer, vice squad agent, healer), serve to parody both movie genres and 'significant' situations. Taken seriously, this offbeat road movie looks like so much late '60s counter-culture codswallop. But what saves the film from accusations of horrendous pretentiousness is its bizarre and often very funny sense of the absurd (presumably intentional). Political plotters derive plans from letters fished out of alphabet soup; intensely meaningful dialogues degenerate into hilariously banal banter; a wise old Indian intersperses words of cosmic insight with glowing appreciations of his new boots. Infuriating and amiable at the same time, it's so far out it's almost in.

By: GA


Release details

85 mins

Cast and crew

Eli Hollander
Eli Hollander, Ronald Sukenick
Peter Coyote
O-Lan Shepard
Jim Haynie
Danny Glover
Scott Beach
Semu Haute
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