Out of Africa


Time Out says

Aptly described in TO as a Safari Park movie; it's hard to imagine how even an untalented director could make the landscape here look less than ravishing, and Pollack is certainly better than untalented. As to the rest: Meryl gets to try a Danish accent this time as Karen Blixen, the author whose accounts of farming in Africa are the basis of the film. In Brandauer, as her pox-ridden husband, she has met her match in the ham stakes. And in Redford, as the Etonian adventurer who becomes her lover, she is bettered by the 'blank sponge' effect; for once his bland charm actually has a use. For all that it may come out of Africa, the film's final destination is not many miles from Disneyland. CPea.

By: CPea


Release details

162 mins

Cast and crew

Sydney Pollack
Kurt Luedtke
Malick Bowens
Suzanna Hamilton
Rachel Kempson
Leslie Phillips
Graham Crowden
Stephen Kinyanjui
Joseph Thiaka
Meryl Streep
Michael Kitchen
Michael Gough
Klaus Maria Brandauer
Robert Redford
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