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Time Out says

'Isn't anybody straight any more?' wonders Robin (Russell) as he arrives in New York to make his club debut as a drag artiste, having left his flatmate Liza (McLaren) back in Toronto struggling with her schizophrenia and an awkward pregnancy. As in the best vintage Warhol movies, everything rests on the characters, and hence the performances: McLaren's inwardness connecting improbably with Russell's brashness in a funny/serious relationship that is often touching. Plus, of course, the wicked drag impersonations of Dietrich, the Bettes (Davis and Midler), Garland, Streisand and others. It's technically very rough-and-ready, but consistently very funny in its off-the-wall humour.

By: CPe


Release details

98 mins

Cast and crew

Richard Benner
Richard Benner
Craig Russell
Hollis McLaren
Richert Easley
Allan Moyle
David McIlwraith
Gerry Salsberg
Andrée Pelletier
Helen Shaver
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