Over the Hedge

COOLER CLIMATE Critters go wild in the suburbs.
COOLER CLIMATE Critters go wild in the suburbs.

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A winsome “family” composed of possums, porcupines, a squirrel and a skunk awakens after hibernation to find that a housing development has taken over its woodland. The critters are then exploited for their foraging skills by an opportunistic raccoon (Willis), who needs the grub to appease a homicidal bear. The charlatan leads the ragtag group into suburbia to gather the edible detritus of wasteful humans, but ultimately suffers a crisis of conscience. The film’s subtle satire is somewhat eclipsed by a cloying family-values message, but fortunately, its crack cast of characters is consistently diverting. (Now playing; click here for venues.)—Erin Clements



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