Owd Bob


Time Out says

One of the great sheepdog trial films and a clear hint that Stevenson (who went on to make many similar saccharine fables for Disney) was obsessed with sentimental comedy even in his British days. Fyffe is tremendous value as the wheezing avaricious Cumberland shepherd whose prize-winning dog attacks other folk's sheep. John Loder is the handsome newcomer to the valley with the temerity to challenge Fyffe's authority. Margaret Lockwood, soon to become Gainsborough's brightest light, is largely wasted as Fyffe's sweet natured daughter, but many of the studio's most rambunctious character actors (including Will Hay's two stooges, Moffatt and Marriott) are on parade. Hearty, rustic fun.

By: GM


Release details

78 mins

Cast and crew

Robert Stevenson
Michael Hogan, JB Williams
Elliott Mason
Alf Goddard
John Loder
Will Fyffe
Margaret Lockwood
Graham Moffatt
Edmund Breon
Moore Marriott
Wally Patch
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