Oxford Blues

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Or 'A Wank in Oxford'. An obtuse, obsessed Las Vegas car lot attendant (Lowe), thanks to a little computer hacking, gets to go to an Oxford of perpetual wintry sunrises and sunsets and where, God help us, cicadas still chirp at night. He manages to take the virginity of fellow-student Lady Victoria (Pays, beautiful), but not her hand in marriage. His American brashness riles fuddy-duddy academia and the mafia of the Oriel Rowing Club. They instil him with 'character'. He rows and grows up to indulge in such adult activities as wrecking rooms and sloshing Moët & Chandon everywhere. Funny and moral? Nah. Tiresome? You bet.

By: MS


Release details

97 mins

Cast and crew

Robert Boris
Robert Boris
Rob Lowe
Ally Sheedy
Amanda Pays
Julian Sands
Julian Firth
Alan Howard
Gail Strickland
Michael Gough
Aubrey Morris
Cary Elwes
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